Cervical Disc Protrusion

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The neck is composed of seven cervical vertebrae that are separated by tough, elastic discs that provide cushioning and allow movement in the neck. The discs add to the support of the neck and provide flexibility and mobility. Cervical disc protrusion is a condition where one of these discs bulges out and can create pressure on the nerve roots in the neck and cause neck pain and discomfort. The occurrence of this problem generally increases with age.


Along with neck pain, the patient can also experience numbness or burning sensations in the arms and hands, weakening of muscles in the shoulders and arms and elbows. The pain can often be treated with adequate amount of exercise, rest, medications and heat or ice application. Generally the pain should get better. But in case the pain does not improve , it may benefit from additional advanced interventions. It is always advisable to visit a doctor if pain gets progressively worse or does not get better within a few weeks.


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