Cervical Spine Pain

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The cervical spine in the neck is made up of seven bones called vertebrae that are separated by disc that is filled with a cushioning gel like substances. The discs act as a shock absorber and help in moving and bending backwards and front and going from left to right. The disc wear and tear with age and sometimes the space between the vertebrae narrows and gets damaged. As a result, the neck becomes less flexible and reports stiffness and pain.

The major causes of cervical pain are:

Injury: Neck is a sensitive part of the body and car accidents, falling and sports activities may cause an irreparable injury to the neck. The ligaments can be damaged. The pain can move to the spine too in some cases.

Muscle strain: Activities like jerking the neck, sleeping in wrong posture, keeping the body in a sitting position for long etc, cause muscle strain and lead to cervical spine pain.

Aging: One major factor of cervical pain is aging. When the body ages, the tissue that connect and support the bones may also become stiff with age and become more prone to injury.

When the problem persists, it is advisable to consult a doctor who understands your problems and can relieve you of the neck pain.

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By age 60, 90 percent of Americans will show symptoms of degenerative disc disease, the wear and tear on the ligaments in our back and neck. Now, doctors are testing a new minimally invasive procedure for fusing discs and alleviating pain