Leg Pain

When you suffer from pain in the back of the leg that travels to the bottom of the foot, it may come from a number of causes to include either the calf or the lower back. Examination and treatment by a board certified orthopedic surgeon will allow you to understand the multiple causes of your pain and provide you with relevant solutions to alleviate discomfort.

Hip and Thigh Pain

Discomfort that goes down into the thigh can sometimes arise from the hip itself, radiating from the leg, or from the upper areas in the low back. Identifying these areas and the relevant causes for your discomfort is a key component of ensuring that you get the optimal care for your disabling condition. From the orthopedics and musculoskeletal viewpoint, Dr. Rahul Shah can help identify these causes by performing a thorough history and physical examination along with identifying the relevant images on diagnostic imaging.

Thigh To Shin Pain

Discomfort that radiates from the front of the thigh into the shin can emanate from a variety of places. Sometimes the pain originates from the leg itself. Other times, it arises from the back. Dr. Rahul Shah will thoroughly investigate the root cause of your pain and suggest relevant treatment solutions so you are no longer limited in your daily activities.

Associated Conditions for these kinds of Pain


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