Now that I have had my surgery, how do I take care of it?

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Congratulations! Now that surgery is over, there are a few simple instructions to follow. This will ensure the optimal result from your surgery.

You may shower two days after the surgery. Remove cervical collar and place waterproof collar before getting into the shower. Do not let the water directly hit the neck and/or hip incision. Do not move the neck forwards or backwards or from side to side without the brace. If something is dropped, do not bend to pick it up -- leave it there! Have shower items that are at eye level for you to reach and have someone nearby to help. If you do not feel comfortable taking a shower at this time, you may sponge bathe. Do not take tub baths! Do not shower if the incisions are reddened or draining.

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Dr. Rahul V. Shah 
Board certified, Ivy League and fellowship trained Orthopedic Spine & Neck Surgeon.