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If you have disabling neck or back pain and want superior results, Dr. Shah has a well established process to help to feel better.

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It Starts with an Initial Consultation

We kick off with a visit that informs our teams of your needs and difficulties. This is a comprehensive visit with a team of physician assistants, medical assistants and liaisons work.


Review of prior data


Your medical history 


Clarifying physical examination


Clarifying physical examination

Follow up visits for in-depth understanding

In this stage, we clarify and identify your specific problem and its possible solutions. This includes ordering advanced tests and state of the art diagnostics.

Identifying your options

Once cause of your pain is identified, Dr. Shah can carefully help you to choose your options.

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Non Operative

We make every effort to avoid surgical solutions. We rely on our preferred partners to help you regain your quality of life. Whatever the right option for you, Dr. Shah help you to make the right decision from physical therapy to other options.

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If surgery is your best option, Dr. Shah and his team carefully plan your surgical solutions. They will identify the procedure and techniques to be used and explain the process before and after surgery.

Planning for Surgery

Dr. Shah's team works with you, your insurance provider, and others, to carefully plan and schedule your surgery. We work to align resources for optimal care,  working with preferred providers for the best treatment before surgery. We work with your individual primary medical doctor to make sure appropriate steps to restore your health.

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Postoperative care

After your surgery is complete Dr. Shah and his team will continually check your progress and clarify goals for your recovery. This includes checks hours and days after surgery and followup in the office to check incision and to monitor your rehabilitation progress.

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Making sure we work with you and our preferred providers in order to assure we address your unique needs in order to optimize the muscles in your back and the posture you need in order to live the life you want.

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