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Listen to our Patients 

Bob - Neck Surgery ( FUSE Study )

The pain was keeping me up at night. I could not look up, could not turn. After the surgery I started to feel results immediately. The results we so dramatic..

Listen to our Patients 

Toni - Neck Surgery

Before surgery I couldn't even pick up my small grandson, because I was afraid of dropping him. Now after getting my four discs fused using minimally invasive spine surgery, I can pick up my grandson and carry him around. I am very happy that I took chance.               

Cynthia - Neck Surgery

Dr. Shah really understand and cares about his patients. After surgery I am enjoying my life with my kids and results are worth every bit of it and I would do it again.

Bill - Back Surgery

It is almost like I went back in time. Now I can stand straight and walk straight. I got even taller than before. I will recommend Dr. Shah to anyone who has similar symptoms.

Cindy - Neck and Back Surgery

There were several surgeries and non surgical option I tried and it didn't help. So my husband I decided that If I want to have my life back let's do the surgery, so I was willing to take that shot and I am glad I did.

Barry - Neck Surgery

I couldn't put myself in position to risk my life because of the fear of having the surgery. However with just two small incisions Dr. Shah was able to restore the functions and the areas where the nerves went through.

Barbara - Degenerative Disc Disease

This was a life changing event for me and my family. Before Dr. Shah operated on me, I just was not able to even perform my day to day tasks.

Don - Back Injury

I wasn't able to do anything with the condition I was suffering from. After the surgery performed by Dr. Rahul Shah, I am back on my feet.

Joyce - Sciatica Pain

Dr. Rahul Shah helped me to get my independence back by finding the right set of treatment options for me.

Patricia - Cervical Spinal Fusion

Dr. Shah was very concerned about my condition; he seemed compassionate and explained everything in detail... That was was very important to me.

Beverly - Neck and Back Pain

Because of the surgery performed by Dr. Rahul Shah, I can enjoy my grandson and be there for my family when they need me most.