Artificial Disc Replacement

Divya Jain 

Artificial disc replacement (ADR), is a modern technique used to replace a painful disc with an artificial disc. This prosedure procedure benefits the patient by replacing the worn out, arthritic disc from the lumbar spine with a plastic or metal disc. Artificial disc replacement requires less recovery time than traditional spinal fusion surgery . For most patients it relieves lover back pain. Similar to a knee replacement in which a mechanical device substitutes for the patient's own knee, a disc replacement replaces the body’s own intervertebral disc to allow better for movement in the spine. 

This treatment works best for patients with degenerative disc disease and minimal associated instability. It is generally not recommended for patients with fractures, major instability, or multiple level degenerative disc diseases.

ADR Surgical Method

In this surgical procedure the organs and blood vessels are moved to one side. A variety implants can be used for intervertebral disc replacement. Often, two metal plates are pressed into the space created when the disc is removed. Metal spikes are also installed to hold the plate in position. To keep a space between these two metal plates, a plastic spacer that is crafted with polyethylene core is put between plates. The space is compressed by patient’s weight.

Treatment Risks

ADR involves careful placement of the discs: The risks can include blood clots, allergic reactions, and anesthesia complications. Major risks are nerve or spinal cord injury, tissue swelling, numbness or tingling in the affected body part.

Seek Treated by the Best Surgeon

Dr. Rahul Shah specializes in neck and spine surgeries. He has authored and presented multiple studies regarding disc replacement treatment. He can personalize a treatment plan to achieve your goals and increase your quality of life. Whether it's surgical intervention or a non-surgical option, all relevant and cutting edge solutions will be investigated gain pain free mobility and help you get your life back.